Sunday, September 03, 2006

still alive

Hello Everyone-
It's pretty sad my last blog was in July. As you all know, a lot has happened since then. I left Sapporo brokenhearted, saying goodbye to all my friends whom I didn't want to part with. There isn't a day that goes bye when I don't think about laughing with my friend Hanna from Indonesia or eating Indian food with Ramya or contemplating with Christoph or running with Julia. And then there's all my wonderful Japanese friends. Yakaku (my outdoor club) people and Eri and Yu and Makiko and so many amazing people. I miss you all more than I can say!
Then I went to Hiratsuka to be with my Japanese family for a last few days. I would have liked to be with them for a month, but because of Seth and Hannah's wedding (more about that later), I had to make it a short visit. Anyway, they took to me one of my favorite onsen places called Hakone. I miss you Eiko, Hajime, otosan and okasan!
Next was New York. This was a wonderful trip to witness the marriage of Seth and Hannah. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and now they are back in Japan starting a life of ministry together. Yeah for people with hearts for Japan! I stayed in New York for 5 days after the wedding exploring the city alone and with Blaine and friends. We couchsurfed with some really great people and ate lots of New York pizza!
I finally made it back to Hood River on August 17th. Whew! It was good to be home with my family knowing that I will be in the country near them for at least a year or two. My family is the best. I got to spend an extra lot of time with my blood clot brother Colin, whom I love more and more as we grow up and can experience life and learning together.
After a few short days in Hood River, I was offered to work at Portland State University for the same job I did last summer. So, the last 2 weeks have been rafting, camping, and hanging out with 50 Japanese students from Tokyo University of Science. I had to say goodbye to these guys last night...why so many sad partings lately?
Finally, I am on my way out the door to the airport to meet my family for our annual lake Powell trip. We are flying this year, as opposed to usually driving 16 hours through the desert. It will be good to relax and process a few things before coming back and starting school September 25th.
So that's about all. I haven't posted for so long because I don't have my computer and pictures anymore. I hope all this writing with no pictures hasn't bored you all!

That's all for now. May peace and God's beautiful grace shine upon you all!