Tuesday, July 29, 2008

open your eyes

On somewhat frequent occasions, I find myself completely overwhelmed by the beauty in the world. maybe its because i live 10 minutes from the beach and get to walk by crashing waves and sailing pelicans every morning on my way to work. Or perhaps it's just my personality, completely engulfed in nature itself and always floored by how stinking amazing the stars are or a jellyfish floating along underwater.

Sometimes it's human compassion which overwhelms me. This happens on much less frequent occasion than the previously mentioned. But it happened this week. I ran out of gas (I was waiting for prices to go back down) and I had my loving family on the way in like 20 minutes. And then, Uncle Neil didn't even need to come because a sweet old man in a Cal-trans truck gave me 1 gallon of free gas AND helped me merge back onto the freeway. It was incredible.

I gonna post a bunch of pictures of the most beautiful places I've been, but I started admiring my photos and and my life when I was looking deciding which ones to put in. Now I'm falling asleep, gotta go. Tomorrow is my flight to Sacramento where Coli-boy is picking me up before we head INTO THE WILD (which happens to be in a raging forest fire right now.)


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

smiles ahead

after a intriguing and stimulating conversation with my prodigy-photographer, blogging-expert brother, Blaine, I was spurred on to love and making a new entry. Too bad I don't have much to say. Actually, I do, but I am too lazy and perfectionist to say it here, which brings me back to my original problem in keeping this blog updated with more than bi-monthly posts.

Anyway, what I am excited about is life in many respects. The first being THE JOHN MUIR TRAIL.

220 miles of pure, heavenly, natural pleasure in the most fundamental forms possible. It's going to be mind-blowing, I'm sure of it. This event is scheduled to take place July 29-August 21, roughly. With none other than my little brother, whom I haven't spent extended amounts of time with since last summer. I'm flying into Sacramento on the 29th, but he wanted me to fly into Redding so we could spend more time together before our 3 weeks of 24 hour togetherness. I love you coliboy.

After this period of prolonged silence and reflection, the elements and elevation change, we'll head a few hundred miles east to the Outsidelands Music Festival in Golden Gate Park. Mindblowing adventure #2. And although I am unexplainably thrilled about the trail, this musical event is as close in terms of excitement as Archie snuggling with Zoe on a cold February Hood River night.

check out the lineup and sleep well.