Saturday, December 31, 2005

3 in 1

They came and left in a blinking moment. Why does time pass through the hourglass so quickly when you wish it could last forever?

Colin and Daniel, I had the best of times with you guys. I know I told you before, but I can't imagine any other Christmas than ours sitting in the Indian restaurant eating naan, naan and more cheese naan. Thank you for spending the time, money, and effort to make my life so much brighter for the past 2 weeks.

I love you guys!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pizza and nabe

My stomach is happy with homemade pizza I just made and ate with these girls. I have 2 classes with the middle girl, Aya, so last week I went to their apartment for a nabe party. Nabe (Japanese soup) is really popular to eat during the winters in Hokkaido because #1 its so darn cold outside, #2 its cheap to make #3 it's oishii! Today I hung out with them again and showed everyone how to make homemade pizza. It was great fun!

I got an e-mail this week from the international student office requesting me and the other American girl to go to a voice audition this Saturday afternoon. What kind of voice audition? Apparently, if I get this job, my voice will be on some kind of Japanese video game produced by GameSoft. Some things you just never think you will do in life... Anyway, I get $50 bucks just for auditioning. It will be an interesting experience I'm sure!

This is at a Christmas party with the student cell group at my church. I started going to Sapporo International Church a few weeks ago and really like it there. The pastor is Korean and we have people from all over the world, but most of the members are Japanese. They have so much love; I am looking forward to learning from and growing with Japanese Christians this year.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas in Japan

My friend Makiko and I went to Oodori Koen- a big park in downtown Sapporo- which hosts a "White Illumination" festival every winter. In the park at this time, there are bunch of huge christmas decorated Christmas trees, Christmas music playing, and even a Munich Town where you can buy german sausages and hot wine.

I thought I would really be getting homesick around Christmas time, but the amount of Christmas music and decorations in Japan has really surprised me. All I am missing is my family now. Colin and Daniel will be here in 2 weeks and will be here to celebrate Christmas with. Yippeee!

Winter wonderland

These pictures are from Moerenuma Park in Sapporo. This park, as well as many other parks across Japan, was built on a previous landfill site. I went there with some classmates on a field trip to see the work of a famous Japanese architect Isamu Noguchi. We climbed to the top of this hill and the wind was so strong you could almost lean into it with all your weight!

They say the winters in Hokkaido are really harsh, although snow has not yet accumulated in Sapporo. Last weekend, a few friends from my outdoor club and I went to Niseko, which is about 2 hour drive. We were going to climb a mountain there, but about a meter of snow had fallen, so we decided to can the climb and just play in the snow. I can't wait to go snowboarding!

Kabocha Pie

On November 24th (Japanese Thanksgiving day) I was invited to Eniwa for a Thanksgiving celebration which was hosted by 2 American English teachers. These girls, Kelly and Marissa, led 25 Japanese women through the process of roasting turkey, making pumkin pie, sweet potatoes...etc. Before we ate, we went around the table and everyone shared what they were thankful for. I did my little speech in Japanese and also was assigned to give the toast. Although I really wanted to be at Auntie Lisa's celebrating with the family, I think this was the next best way to spend the Thanksgiving!