Sunday, November 05, 2006

pictures of life

Good morning...Fall has returned to Portland and has brought bright trees and gray skies along with it. It's windy today and the whirl of colored leaves falling to the ground outside the library window is a distraction as I am writing this "お久しぶり" post.

How is everybody doing lately? What's new since the last time I saw you? When you have time, please leave a comment and tell me something cool and exciting that is going on with you.

As for me, lots of new stuff. I am at back at Portland State, finishing up my senior year in Applied Linguistics. If all my credits transfer back from Hokkaido University, I will be able to graduate this coming July! I am looking into what I will do after I graduate. Although I am really excited to be done with classes, I feel kind of scared about finishing and moving on to the next stage of my life. Is that a normal feeling?

As I was hoping, I found a Japanese roommate and am living on campus at PSU. Ayako and I have good times together cooking 豚キムチ and お好み焼き and lots of other stuff. My good friend Yu from Hokkaido University is studying at PSU this year, so he has introduced me to a lot of international students studying here for the year. It's really good to still be in an international environment like I was in Sapporo. Yeah for different cultures!

Although you might not believe this (Blaine certainly couldn't!) I am working at the Helpdesk for PSU's Office of Information Technology. I still crack up when I look around me at my co-workers and remember that most of them are computer science or engineering majors. Basically, when staff or students at PSU have any type of problem with their computer (from software to networking to viruses...) they come to us. Thankfully, if I don't know how to solve their problem, I can just pass if on to a full-timer who does know how. The best part about it and the reason why I took the job, is that I am learning a ton, so you might surprised to find a total geek next time you see me!

Other than that, God is still good and life, although hard at times, is still beautiful. I wish I had the motivation to update this more, but not having a personal computer makes it too time consuming to do so regularly.

Enjoy the pictures. There are some from my wonderful trip to NY for Seth and Hanna's wedding, some from the Lake Powell trip with the Berghs and some other random ones.