Tuesday, September 27, 2005

explanations first

Despite my personal objection to such modern contraptions, I have decided to keep a journal of my daily (or perhaps weekly) happenings. Please read and enjoy as you like and post a comment every once in a while to let me know you are still alive and well.

I love you all, my dear friends and family.



blaine said...

"Despite my personal objection to such modern contraptions" - Lindsey Franger

Chaa right Linzbinz! You were like the blog originator way back in the day, xanga style! (http://www.xanga.com/linzbinz)

I'm glad I got to leave the first comment on your pretty blog. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, Grandpa and I love seeing you in your new home. Thanks for the pics. Love you, Grandma

Anonymous said...

We love seeing your pictures and hearing about what you are doing. We miss you lots!!! We can't wait for you to come back!
Jamie, Brent,Cheramy,and Brandy

Donna Bergh said...

Hi Linz, Mark and I are so excited for the year to come of new adventures. We will be in prayer for God's guidance and wisdom. We love you and look forward to seeing Japan through your eyes. Love, mark and donna

Anonymous said...

We miss you so much. I'm convinced that when Jordan is in the back seat babbling whenever I'm driving that he is telling his pacifier just how much he misses Lindsay...afterall you knew him before he was even born. He's getting so big...almost crawling but stubbornly refusing any of the baby food I spend so much time making in the food processor (he pretends he is going to throw up everytime I shovel a spoonful in his mouth). Oh, well I don't want to go on too long. I just wanted you to know that we miss you & that I check in on you regularily.
Love, Nicole, Robby & Little Jordan