Tuesday, May 02, 2006

sails away

Hello friends- I was talking to my friend Brittany on the phone the other day and she said she more than regularly checks my blog (like everyday!) but has been disappointed for a long time now with no updates. So, here you are Brit. I will try my best from now on!

Spring break is over and classes have begun. The snow has mostly melted from the streets of Sapporo, except for the remains of the 15ft. high snow deposit mountains scattered throughout the city. The cherry trees have already bloomed throughout the rest of Japan, but we are still patiently waiting for ours. Japanese have a tradition called hanami where every year with friends or family, they pack a lunch and sake to sit and eat under the glorious pink curtain. I will be going with my outdoor club friends in a few weeks.

At the very end of spring break, I got to go on a cruise with Hokkaido University's Marine Science department. We sailed for 5 days off the coast of Hokkaido doing, well, pretty much nothing. Actually we did experiments and had "watch" duty and played a lot of cards and ate 4 meals a day, but our days still seemed empty within the confined walls of the Oshoro ship. There were 5 international students (2 germans, 2 koreans and me) and about 40 Japanese students, so it was a good chance to speak only Japanese.

六直=Group #6- I spent a lot of time with these guys in my group. At first they were so shy, I don't think they talked to me at all for the first 2 days...they warmed up to small conversations by the 5th day.
Paying close attention to the instructor as he tells us how to weigh and measure the pollock.
My mandatory experiment uniform.
We had different uniforms for all our different activities...hats included.

I have been in Japan for 8 months now with 3 months to go. All of us international students get teary eyed when we even think about leaving each other and leaving Sapporo. And although I am going to miss my friends and my life here, I miss all you guys at home too and am excited to see you. Until then...peace be with you.



Colin Franger said...

wonderful blog entry. My eyes get teary when I think about seeing you again.

blaine said...

bethany and i can't wait to see you either!

do you still know some english?

Katie Pentkowski said...

I check the blog often as well! Thanks for posting. How could I call you? Let me kmow: kgpentkowski@yahoo.com

Peace, Katie

etfrang said...

love the sweeeeet outfits.
we miss you too! xxoo m-g

Sarah McAllister said...

this is hillarious...I'm pretty sure we need to rock those outfits back in the U.S. Those are wonderful. We must rock those all the time!! Hey,,,you lucky duck, you get to go to G-rants wedding right?!?! HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!! And take pics for me to see!!!

loves, Sarah