Thursday, November 26, 2009

dang, son

Today was unreal. It's only my 3rd day back in the beautiful country of Japan, after having been gone for 3 years. Things have been good for the past couple of days. My friend and I have been exploring and eating our way through Tokyo. Fun times, but today, ladies and gentlemen, was the experience of a lifetime, really.

Today I attended the wedding of dear friends, Hank and Tomoko. I taught with Hank at Crawford High School. A gem of a guy and I don't know Tomoko very well, but she, too, shines. They were wed today, Thanksgiving day at a shrine in Kamakura which has been burdening the earth with its weight since 1180. 1180!!!! Holy MOLY!!!! The sun shone as the event commenced at 11:15am and set as we finished the last of our 10 course traditional Japanese meal. It wasn't really food; it was 10 courses of art, beauty, heaven and love in edible form. Sorry mom, but this Thanksgiving feast almost stands up to our spread on Sunday

Yep, only 3 days of traveling and it'd definitely take 2 hands to count how many times I had to pinch myself back into reality today. It's going to be a good 6 months.


Vinay Bhardwaj said...

Awesome! Glad to read and will look forward for the next update..

. . looks like you are gonna be a writer soon.

' ' You don't have to write about good food you eat - considering that, I eat oat meal for my breakfast, lunch and dinner - jk

Keep 'em comin.

Seth McAllister said...

Hey Linz,
I can't believe that your in Japan while I am in Oregon. Whats up with that? I just got here 2 days ago and heard that you got there 3 days ago. Anyway, hope you have a great time in Asia and eat some amazing food.


Anonymous said...

go lindsey! keep posting :) i'm looking forward to one about surfing in indo. i miss you a lot!