Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas in Japan

My friend Makiko and I went to Oodori Koen- a big park in downtown Sapporo- which hosts a "White Illumination" festival every winter. In the park at this time, there are bunch of huge christmas decorated Christmas trees, Christmas music playing, and even a Munich Town where you can buy german sausages and hot wine.

I thought I would really be getting homesick around Christmas time, but the amount of Christmas music and decorations in Japan has really surprised me. All I am missing is my family now. Colin and Daniel will be here in 2 weeks and will be here to celebrate Christmas with. Yippeee!


etfrang said...

ohh ahh...

blaine said...

Is that fried chicken?

nice uggs by the way. :-)

G-rant said...

I think that look so good I am going to go get som Fried Chicken.... HMMMM me so hungry ... I want some of Lisa stinky Salad

Anonymous said...

Long time since I've visited your blog. I'm caught up now. Sounds like you are having a wonderful full time there. I'm so glad you have made friends and that you are enjoying all that is offered.
How fun to have Colin and Daniel coming soon. I know your mom is looking forward to Feb.