Sunday, December 04, 2005

Kabocha Pie

On November 24th (Japanese Thanksgiving day) I was invited to Eniwa for a Thanksgiving celebration which was hosted by 2 American English teachers. These girls, Kelly and Marissa, led 25 Japanese women through the process of roasting turkey, making pumkin pie, sweet potatoes...etc. Before we ate, we went around the table and everyone shared what they were thankful for. I did my little speech in Japanese and also was assigned to give the toast. Although I really wanted to be at Auntie Lisa's celebrating with the family, I think this was the next best way to spend the Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff Lindsey! I'm really proud to see what you're up to! I look forward to reading more.

Have fun and be safe,
Gabe Blair
Thailand '01 TL
AIM: "creativegabe"