Saturday, January 28, 2006

4 and a half feet under

Sorry to all I haven't updated in a while. Although it seems I just returned from my winter vacation in Hiratsuka, I am now in the midst of finishing the fall semester of school. I will be joyous in early February to have completed 3 reports, 2 speeches, and 3 finals! Actually, I will be the happiest girl in all Sapporo because the day after I finish everything, my wonderful, beautiful, crazy through and through mom will be here!

Sapporo has about 4 feet of snow on the ground right now and it continues to accumulate by snow showers off and on everyday. Often I wake up in the morning to a beautiful blue sky, go to the kitchen to get tea water, and by the time I come back it is a raging blizzard outside.

Here, plowing the roads is a 3 big truck lineup. The first truck pushes the snow to the side, the 2nd truck sucks up the snow and shoots it into the back of the 3rd truck, who hauls it away to the snow dumping ground.

I love the snow!

I am teaching English right now 4 times a week. My 2 of my students are ladies in their 30's who have been abroad and want to keep their conversation skills sharp. The other 2 are a husband and wife who are dentists. Although teaching is a lot of fun and good experience for my future, I am continually frustrated at my lack of ability to explain the English language. I look forward to going back to PSU so I can learn how to teach this crazy language correctly.

I haven't taken too many pictures lately, so here a few oldies...
I look this picture on the 2nd try!

the sign behind me says "Hamburger is my life." This is Moss burger's (a hamburger chain in Japan) slogan.


blaine said...

ya tindy

Sarah McAllister said...

Hey Linds,
Looks like you're doing good. I like your blog. It's cool. I wish I were coming over with your mom in a few weeks. Your pictures are hillarious!!
Love, Sarah