Wednesday, February 06, 2008

life is good

and the rest of my pictures are up on the following link...

In other news, I have purchased my first very own already beloved guitar. I got it on Sunday and have played it without cease since then. For some reason, the desire to create music has been welling up inside me for the past few months. It's time to let her free. 

The last bit of news is HAPPY BIRTHDAY to pops!!! I am so incredibly blessed to have a dad as caring, devoted, patient, hardworking and studly as you. I love you lots and lots and lots. 

9:50 time to stop playing the guitar and time to go to bed. Good night to the moon. Good night to you. 

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hanna said...

Hi, good to know that you enjoy your trip to Thailand & Vietnam. I saw your 'goat in a jar' picture. It was shocking! Haha...