Wednesday, February 27, 2008

lame, i know


Okay, so I NEVER do these things, much less post them for everyone to see. But I was reading a friend's blog and one thing led to another, and pretty soon I was taking this pointless quiz. At least this one is semi-educational and anti-ethnocentric. I wish it would have told me what the average is. If you do it, you must comment and tell me how many countries you got!

P.S. I had a 20 second interruption in the middle of my 5 minutes, FYI


Apollo said...


I am glad I am from a cricket playing nation :D

Christoph said...

56. Weird english spelling kept getting into my way!

Also: Lindsey, have you watched the movie "Into the wild" yet? Made me think of you :)

hanna said...

61! Yeahh...
that's not the first result though to be honest... :p

amancay said...

dang, I only got 44.. but I got super hung up on spellings!

どりてぃんドリーム said...


猫背 said...

旅費が浮くどころか遊びまくったよヽ( ・∀・)ノ