Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The best friends ever!

Guess what everyone???

My little brother Coli-boy, whom I love more than sparkling snow on a sunny day and my faithful friend, Daniel, who also happens to be an amazing person and a fabulous cook are coming to visit me in 35 days!

AND, as if that weren't enough...

My role model, giver of life, and best friend ever is braving the frigid air and had bought her ticket to come in February. I can't wait to see your faces, mom.

You guys are the best!


Preece said...

Hey there, I just clicked on a most recent post thing on the blogger deal and got to your blog. I read some of your entries and was really blown away by all the neat pictures of Japan you have on your site (I've always wanted to go to Japan!). I also don't believe in coincidences (Its Divine Providence Yo!)and since this is the first time I clicked the most recent blog thing and ended up at your posts I take it as a sign that I should keep you in my prayers as you stay over there in Japan. Anyway, I hope your family visit goes great and know that God in his perfect love will be watching over you, his child. Oh and I don't normally say Yo, but I guess I went with the cheese on that one!

Seth McAllister said...

Are you trying to suck up? What do you want from America? Anyway, glad to hear your doing well and I am also looking forward to your brother, Daniel and of corse your mom coming for a visit. Hopefully we can meet up.

摂 [ Seth ]

Shannon said...

I love reading your blog. You are always so refreshing in you outlook on life. I love that you are totally "LIVING" every moment in Japan. You are wonderful. Some day maybe G-d will let us live near one another. Hmmm... I like the way that sounds. We love you Lindz. Pauly says hello.

samandchris said...

hi lindsey, we've just been looking at your really nice page!!! glad you are settling in and having a great time in japan. seems like quite the opposite to what we are experiencing here in the third world (not sure if you even need a driver's license here - let alone an hour long video to ride a bicycle!). enjoy your time, we'll be thinking of you, sam and chris from honduras xxx

Louis (Jamaica) said...

Cool pics Lindsey! Hope you get to see lots more of Hokkaido especially Abashiri, while you are here. In February there is the Snow & Ice Festival and if you go on the homestay programme, they may sign you up (without telling you!!!) as part of the Abashiri Int'l Cross Country Ski Festival, and also arrange for you to go on a ship to look at Floating Ice off the east coast. I went this year and it was fantastic!!!

See ya!

Noah said...

Hey Lindsey, I have just been talking to Colin about his and Daniels trip. Sounds like you all had a blast. Just wanted to let you know that your time in Japan is in my thoughts and prayers.