Wednesday, November 09, 2005

3 cheers for good food

2 weeks ago, I participated in a homestay program which was offered to all the international students. It was a 3 day program in a city about 20 minutes from Sapporo by train. Me and my new Australian friend, Jess, stayed with a the Maeda family. The have one daughter, Makiko, who is also a student at Hokkaido University and just returned from a studying abroad in Canada for one year. So, not only did I have a wonderful time with this family, but I met a great friend whom I plan to hang out with a lot this year!

The homestay was from Friday night until Sunday. On Saturday, all 14 international students, our host families and local community members had a big international party at the local middle school. Everyone made at food from their country (I made lasagna and salad) and we had a huge feast and played games together. Fun times!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lovely Lindsey~~

How are you in Hokkaido? Even though we cannot meet each other,
I'm so glad to know you have such a wonderful time in Japan though your journal. ^^ I spend really busy and active life thesedays. Taking two linguistics classes is harder than I expected ^^ anyway.. I really miss you, and your food in the picture look so yammy^^
I always pray for you~ take good care of you.. and don't forget me and Toby!!

-- Cindy and Toby

hanna said...

I just finished adding some words to my blog (which I neglected for months) and trying to find anyone on this blogspot and I found your blog! (^_^)

Anyway, I like your blog. I hope you don`t mind if I look at it briefly.

(In my country, the Christians usually put `gbu` or `GBU` after at the end of a letter or message which means `God Bless U`)