Friday, November 18, 2005

moshi moshi

In the last 2 months, I must have been asked at least 49 times what my cell phone number is and everytime I would reply with "mada..." which means I haven't gotten one yet. But today, after a turn for the better in my financial situation, I was able to get my first Japanese cell phone. Here, the free cell phones come with the following features:

-barcode reader
-video camera and camera (of course)
-animated globe which tells the time of cities all over the world
-17 pages of smiling, crying, laughing (...etc) animated faces,
-internet service where I log on and check my balance for free
-LED lights which flash in different colors and different patterns according to the mode I choose
-much, much more that I will probably won't discover until I learn the meaning of the Kanji (Chinese character) in my class

The payment plan is different here too. I can only talk for 35 minutes a month for free, after that it's like 20 cents a minute. All incoming calls are free. The wave that has completely consumed Japan (as well as most Asian countries) is text messaging. Text messages cost less than 1/2 cent for each one, but one must pay both to send receive them. Because I am a student, I can get my cell phone at 1/2 price, so before texts and call time, I only have to pay $17 dollars a month.

3 cheers for calls from home!


blaine said...

gnar gnar

Anonymous said...

Dearest Gorgeous Lindsey,
Text messaging is big here, too.

love Ashby

G-rant said...

What is text messaging... Dude that must be the coolest invention ever... Oh wait we have had it a while too... I think the LED lights are what sold me though. Linds the picture is beautiful. Humor is what keeps us young. Look great hope the Lord blesses you more then ever.

etfrang said...

What is your phone number, silly!

Melinda Lanier said...

Lindsey, Hey it's Melinda Lanier from the Honor Academy forever ago. I saw that you were studying abroad and just wanted to say hello. I spent 3 and a half months in Russia at the beginning of the year and it was pretty challenging. I hope that you are enjoying your time there. Melinda

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you landed a phone and an apparent sweet one at that. This blog thing is awsome. If I came to Japan, would I find a serene time? Peace out,