Wednesday, June 07, 2006

america the beautiful

For those of you who didn't know, yes, I was in America last month. My whole trip home was supposed to be top secret, only known by a few select people with 重い口 (Japanese for those who don't leak secrets easily). I was looking SO forward to seeing the look on my brothers and Grant and Kristen's face when they saw me for the first time. However...

through a mysterious and quite frustrating sequence of events, everyone found out I was coming, leaving only myself surprised how everyone came to know so quickly.

Anyway, it was a through and all beautiful trip home. Grant and Kristen- congratulations. You guys are an amazing couple and now I realize I wouldn't have trading anything for missing your wedding.

After the wedding in Jackson Hole, my family and I went to Yellowstone National Park for the 1st time. This was my second motivation in coming home and seeing lake after lake of crystal blue boiling water, spending 3 whole days with my family (including my sister Bethany, of course), eating Blaine's triple cheesy mac and cheese and seeing the new old faithful errupt in our car were all unforgettable experiences.

Before I came home, I was pretty much dreading going back to America in August. (This speaks of how much I love my life and friends here.) But after going back, I was reminded again how much I love and am loved by so many in America. I am glad I can now say that, although I will really miss this incredible country and the people I have come to love in it, I am excited about coming home.


lisa page said...

dear lindsey,
i am sad that i missed seeing you when you were home. but i do hope to see you sometime again. i like your stories and pictures. i like you even more than those though.

lisa page.

Anonymous said...

i want to tell you that i have been thinking about you much these last few days. I miss you!! That is so great that you were able to come home for a visit. I'm glad that you now want to come back to america. :) i am more glad that you are having such a wonderful time in japan.
love you- becca waggoner