Saturday, June 24, 2006

random happenings

I might have mentioned earlier this month in Sapporo seems to be festival month. It started with my Hokkaido University school festival. The next weekend was a dance festival called yasakoi soran which supposedly has 45,000 participants and 2 million visitors. And last weekend was Hokkaido shrine festival. We dredged through the rain and caught the last few steps of the parade. All the Shinto priests and parade participants looked as if they had had enough 2 miles before...

Is America in a World Cup Mania too right now? This is Japan vs. Australia...the only full game I have watched before. One of my teachers is obsessed with soccer, so he has opened the International Student Center (where most of my classes are) from 11 pm to 6 am every night. These crazy people watch soccer games starting at 4 am and make it in time for class at 8:45 am!

This paper is posted in my friend's dormitory. This genre of English is an everyday happening in Japan.

Yep, it's who you think it is...good ol' Colonel Sanders.

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夢のジンセイ said...

Hi! I was just searching for info on Hokkaido university life and came accross your blog. Hope you don't mind me reading it! Actually, I am going to enter Hokudai as a research student this coming October and was feeling quite apprehensive until I read your blog. Hokkaido sounds wonderful and I am starting to look forward to it! Just want to thank you for the beautiful pictures and info. ^_^ thanks a lot!!
Roslynn Ang