Saturday, June 24, 2006

dangerous fog!

I went on a one day hiking trip with my club last Sunday. They picked me up from my dorm at 4:30 am and after driving around the city to get everyone, we started off towards the mountain. After driving for 2 hours, a short drive compared to most trips, we arrived at the parking lot only to find that we couldn't see the mountain we were to climb because it was fogged in. So, we sat and waited in the parking lot for 45 minutes waiting for the fog to clear. If it didn't clear before 8 am, the leader and subleader decided we would have to cancel the trip for the day. Just as the 8 was approaching and I was really worried we had rented a car and driven out here just to go back home, a group of 20+ elementary school kids come trudging down the trail. Of course, Nathan and I were thinking "if these little shrimps can hike this mountain in the fog without losing the trail, certainly we can!" Anyway, the fog ended up clearing off just in time and we had a beautiful hike that day.

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Colin Franger said...

Greetings sister. I have many good photos of the most recent trip with holly and I. I may publish them but probably not. I leave tommorrow morning to go out on trek for three weeks. I love you. Please pray for me.