Friday, October 21, 2005

the cost of living

5 sweaters
2 sweatshirts
1 fleece
1 matching teaset
2 sets of chopsticks
1 beautiful plate
1 cereal bowl
a few nice hangers
1 purse
1 Bon Appetit, 1 Sunset and a Japanese art book
1 bread pan
and best of all...
1 super duper blue on one side paisley on the other side down comforter

All for less than 500 yen (<$5.00)!

This week the Sapporo International Women's Club held a flea market for the international students. It was like the world's best garage sale and the running price for all clothes was 10 yen! Yeah for cheap stuff!

I already posted a picture of my room, but it is much brighter now with all your smiling faces on my wall.

Speaking of my beautiful room and cheap things, tickets to Tokyo are $425 right now. Sushi anyone?


Colin Franger said...

Your room looks awesome.

G-rant said...

you picking me up at the airport??
Sushi sounds Great....
Room looks awesome.

Dumbnutt said...

Lindsey it's amazing to see all the people that love you and are interested in your life abroad!
I will have to send you a pic to put on your wall;)
P.S. I love sushi when is the best time to visit?

etfrang said...

got my ticket..can't wait til feb.
brrrr. xxoo mom

Anthony said...

Culture Shock... those photos are amazing! Never realized just how beautiful it is out there, or that there was much of a country side!

Seth McAllister said...

Therese your coming to Japan in Feb? you better come visit me too.

摂 [ Seth ]

Anonymous said...

hey girl----looks like life is good for you! we're so happy you are busy....that's when life is the best, carpe diem! (did i spell that right???) hard to believe you guys are all in different places, isn't life wonderful? it's fun to see where God is leading all of you. miss you--rovi fam...

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have shopped with you! Your room is really cute. I'll skip the sushi, but I would love to come and visit! Miss you so much. I still think of calling you, but realize you're gone. That makes me sad:(. Love you!