Saturday, October 08, 2005

Looking up from here

Ahhhh...How much better this world is when we are surrounded by people who love us!

My first 2 weeks in Hokkaido have passed through the hour-glass and I am glad to say that I can look back and smile upon the good and the hard times that I have encountered in this period of time. My first week here was quite lonely. After leaving Eiko and family, every entrance into my quiet dorm room and meal eaten alone seemed quite unbearable. But this week was a week of new relationships and I can say that I am ever so excited to spend the next 11 months on this wintery island.

I stumbled upong this lovely pond at the Hokkaido Prefecture Office

My dorm room...chotto kitanai (it's a bit messy)

My Korean friends have adopted me into their family and I have joined with a smile.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating I love seeing your pretty face. I cannot imagine being there so many thousands of miles away. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey it is so great to see you so happy I hope and pray all is Well


Anonymous said...

hi- G-ma and I saw you! You look happy! Later-mom

Anonymous said...

It looks like you are having a good time, but I miss you here! Hope all is well

Seth McAllister said...

It's cool to see your photos are hear how your doing in the north. All is well here in the middle, and Hannah is doing great in the south. So I guess we have it all covered.
Praying for you

摂 [ Seth ]

Eiko said...

Hi, Lindsey,
I am glad to see your report. How is your Japanese new class? Have fun and talk soon.