Thursday, October 27, 2005

One month later

Yesterday was my one-month anniversary for being in Sapporo. That means 9% of my time here is already gone. Unreal! It's been a fabulous month and I was reflecting on some of the things that have happened during that time. Let's see...

-I've been extremely lonely
-I've made a bunch of incredible friends
-I've gone to bed really hungry 4 nights in a row
-I've eaten the best Korean food I've ever had in my life
-I've climbed 2 mountains
-I've been so terribly bored
-I've been so frustrated with Japanese people, I just want to leave
-I've realized time and time again why I love this country and it's people so much
-I've gone for 1 month without praying before eating
-I've experienced new levels of God's love for me and His desire to know all people of every race and nationality

Thank you all for your e-mails and comments! I look forward to reading them more than I can say...



Seth McAllister said...

Wow Linz,
Time does really fly by here, I am already at nearly 10 months and it literally feels like I arrived last week. Well not really but you get my point. Keep up the good work, praying for you.

摂 [ Seth ]

Katie Pentkowski said...

I appreciated your "realness" in how your feeling. It gives me more of an idea of how to pray for you! Thank you for your site, I love reading your stories. Lots of love to you,


Anthony said...

What great experience you are going through. Hopefully you are writing a personal journal of your trip as you can refer to it later. I miss you, but than again, I have for sometime.

Colin Franger said...

Look to Jesus in everything you do. He loves you.

Bethany Franger said...

Now I really wish I was coming with your mom!
Love Bethany

Eiko said...

Dear sister,
How are you doing? Are you really OK in Hokkaido...? I am thinking of you(^^) Talk on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, What an emotional rollercoaster! Gpa and I are praying for you. Let us know if you need anything material from SD. Love you! Gma

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