Thursday, October 13, 2005

I want to ride my bicycle

My life has gone from somewhat boring to quite busy within the last couple of days. Today, we finally learned the results of our Japanese placement exam which we took 2 weeks ago...yikes! We were placed into different levels for the 5 different Japanese classes we will have. These classes are grammar, kanji (Chinese characters), conversation, reading and writing. Anyway, there are about 10 levels for each and I placed in the 2-4th level between all the classes. I have a long way to go!

This Wednesday and last Wednesday I went to a Outdoor Club meeting for Hokkaido University students. It is so very interesting compared to a outdoor club that one might attend in the US. First of all, the meetings last from 6:30-9pm on Monday and Wednesday each week. I am wondering how they have so much to talk about! Anyway, I have joined this club and am looking forward to the "mountain climbing" (a direct translation) that we will do this weekend. We will drive 6 hours and hike about 4 km, spend the night in a cabin and hike back the next day. It's Thursday right now, but from what I understand, whether we leave tomorrow night (Friday) or Saturday is dependent upon the weather forecast. I'll let you know how the trip goes!

Yesterday was the day we have been waiting for we raffle day! You see, our dormitory is about 15 minutes from campus on foot, a distance which can be covered in just a few minutes on a bike. It seems to me that biking is the most popular mode of transportation for university students as well as for businessmen, housewives, kids...Before we were eligible to receive a bike, the Sapporo city police came to the university to give us a 45 minute lecture about bicycle riding safely (video included). The video made me, a previously confident bicycle rider, quite unsure of my capabilities. Nevertheless, I picked out of the bag a winning ticket (there were 50 bikes for 80+ students) and now happily ride my 1000 yen ($10) bicycle, cautiously, all over the city.

Peace and love- Lindsey


G-rant said...

Lindesy it is great to see you are doing well. I would be at the negative level of the whole language levels.
Check my blog out linsey it is real cool,,,, yeah right.
G rant

Colin Franger said...

You are one of the most beautiful women alive. I love you. Do you think I would fit in the basket of your bike. We could causiously ride around sapporo together. Stopping at all the cool spots, drinking mate, swimming in fountains all the while.

Isaac said...
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Isaac said...

Somebody left me a message this morning and they sounded like you right at first, but it wasn't you.

Hyesung said...

Sweet Lindsey~~ it's hyesung.. I'm so happy to see you in this blog, and you look very interesting and doing very well.^^ I really miss you, but I can see you through this cite~ so thankful ^^* I love you, Lindsey~ Take good care of you. I'll be here often!

Anonymous said...

Lindsey this will be a wonderful way to see what you are doing and how you are. I'm glad you are feeling more at home and are making friends. I know the Lord has a great year for you in Japan. The ups and the downs are all apart of the greater good.

Anonymous said...

I miss you, Lindzeroo. I am looking forward to reading your blog while you're in Japan...your hair looks really short? Is it? I have Queen stuck in my head now, thank you very much.

love you baby-

ps oh guess what...I got a massage at Ashmead today! And when I was paying them I told them that my friends call me 'ashmead' and they thought it was hilarious, and I thought of you! And Ro of course. She started it.

Anthony said...

I am happy to hear that things are going well.

natalie said...

Hello precious and beautiful Lindsey! I was so happy to see your smiling face, and it helps me to know that the Lord is your everpresent helper. (Even in language I suppose...:-)] You are amazing and talented and sweet and we miss you very much. I have treasured so many thoughts of you in my heart. May all your paths sparkle with the brilliance of eternal truth. Sending love and prayers! Natalie

Leslie said...

Hi, Lindsey,
So good to hear about your life in Japan! Love your Blog! Laurissa is enjoying Spanish at Oregon State. You girls are so awesome doing your language thing. We love you and MAP prays for you regularly.